In our simple tips and tricks, we talk about how to grind your beans. But you can buy all our coffees pre-ground too.

Coffee brewing guides - espresso

Espresso Machine

  • Turn your machine on to warm up. It needs to get up to pressure and the coffee will taste better
  • Then run some water through to stop old coffee grounds spoiling the taste
  • Grind the beans: For espresso, you need the coffee to be a bit finer than sand
  • Add 1tbsp of coffee for a single espresso and 2–2.5tbsp for a double
  • Brew, drink and enjoy
Coffee brewing guides - cafetiere

French Press

  • Warm the French press with boiling water
  • Grind the beans: French presses need medium coarse coffee
  • For one person, add 2–2.5tbsp of coffee to the press (and 250ml of water); for two people, add 5–6tbsp of coffee (and 500ml of water)
  • Pour in half the water and wait a minute – enjoy the smell
  • Now, pour in the rest and put the lid on
  • Let the coffee brew for 3 minutes, then push down the plunger
  • Pour your Mont58 coffee and enjoy
Coffee brewing guides - filter

Drip Filter

  • While the kettle’s boiling, get your mug, cone and filter ready
  • Grind the beans: Drip filters need medium coarse coffee
  • Pour a little boiling water into the cone to wet the filter. This takes away any papery taste and warms the mug
  • Measure 2–2.5tbsp of coffee into the cone (for 250ml of water)
  • A minute or two after the kettle has boiled, pour just enough water into the cone to cover the grounds. Your coffee will taste better
  • Leave for 30 seconds
  • Then slowly pour the rest of the water over the coffee, without touching the filter
  • Once it has drained through, drink and enjoy
Coffee brewing guides - stovetop

Stovetop coffee maker

  • Fill the bottom of your coffee maker with cold water to just below the pressure valve
  • Grind the beans: You need medium-fine coffee
  • Fill the coffee holder and tap the side to settle the grounds. Don’t tamp them down or you’ll spoil the flavour
  • Put your coffee maker back together and onto the stove
  • It takes about 4 minutes for liquid to flow into the top of the pot.
  • Listen out for it and turn the heat down so the water doesn’t pass through the grounds too quickly
  • When it’s nearly finished, take the coffee maker off the stove and wait until there’s no more water coming through
  • Pour and enjoy
Coffee brewing guides - Aeropress


  • Boil the kettle and put a filter into the cap of your AeroPress
  • Grind the beans: The AeroPress takes espresso coffee
  • Warm your mug and pour a little boiling water over the filter to get rid of the papery taste
  • Put the plunger and chamber together and stand them upside down
  • Add one scoop of coffee (2–2.5tbsps) to the AeroPress
  • Wait a minute or so after the kettle has boiled, then pour in 250ml of water
  • Time this next bit carefully: Stir the grounds and water for 5 seconds; then screw on the cap and wait for 35 seconds
  • Turn the AeroPress over, stand it on your mug and press the plunger down steadily
  • Drink and enjoy