Coffee for business plan

Free Rental of Sage Barista Espresso Machine for your business when you sign up for an annual Mont58 Coffee For Business subscription*.

Mont58 Coffee For Business subscription means you will never drink bad coffee at the office again 🙂 You will get award-winning locally roasted, sustainable coffee delivered directly to your office to be enjoyed by yourself, your colleagues and your customers. Business customers get 30% off coffee prices + free rental of a Sage Espresso machine to brew your coffee with.

Why choose Mont58 for your business:

☕ Super fresh – Your coffee is delivered to you within days of being roasted.

☕ Award winning beans – Great taste winner 3 years running and Taste of Kent Silver award.

☕ Traceable coffee in sustainable packaging – Only Fair trade ethically sourced beans in compostable or recyclable bags.

☕ Training for staff so they can make amazing coffee.

* Minimum order of 1kg Mont58 coffee per week for 12 months

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“I buy Mont58 for my family and was pleased to discover we could have it delivered to our office too. It’s great to support a local business that cares not only about great tasting coffee, but its impact on the environment.”

Stéphanne Curran, Studio Manager, VG&P Ltd

“Our morning coffee is an absolute sacred ritual for our office. We consume lots of it and Mont58 is the tastiest one we had so far. I am often in contact with the Mont58 team due to the fluctuating amount of coffee we’ve been ordering in the past the year, they’re always available and helpful. We really feel like we’re being taken care of.”

Kimberly Hung, Office Manager, Supersets