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This variety is grown on GDM Farm, which  is named after its owner, Mr Grivas D Mwangoka; a local entrepreneur from the Mbozi district. GDM Farm provides work to roughly 70 people in the low season and some 300 in the harvesting season.Workers and pickers come from the surrounding villages, offering income and opportunity to men and women both skilled and unskilled. The majority of the staff is hired for seasonal labour particularly during the harvest but also for pruning and other seasonal activities.

One of the primary challenges facing GDM is the high cost of inputs needed to farm the land, making the cost of production expensive. Combined with the low market price for coffee, coffee farming in the region is becoming unprofitable. Besides the difficulties relating to the cost of farming, the farm is also facing a new battle; brought on by climate change. With inadequate rains and longer dry days, reducing yield is now exacerbating existing challenges facing the farm and the wider community. To combat this, Mr Mwangoka has plans in place to establish a new irrigation system, to collect rainwater and reuse during droughts. With this, GDM Farm will also be able to increase their output.

Mr Mwangoka also plays an important role in the community; supporting local schools close to the farm, providing lunch and books for students.

Taste: Citrus, Honey

Roast: Medium

Strength: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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